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Package Consolidation Services

Package consolidation to reduce shipping costs to your business. It provides less expensive shipping rates by consolidating multiple packages into one shipment. It lowers your cost  per shipment.

Pick And Pack Warehouse Services

If your company  processes large volumes of product shipments. We provide warehouse service,  picking out specific products and packaging them for an order.

Courier service

We pick up and deliver timely and speedy your   parcels like envelopes, small packages, and large shipments.

hard to find parts

Hard to find parts

There is nothing more frustrating than having equipment that you need to use, but can’t, because it has a broken part. We can find it for you as quickly as possible to help you to maintain your business productivity.


We source, purchase, receive and deliver your goods or services to keep your business running.  


We transport your purchased goods by shipaircrafttrain, or truck   at your convenience 

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